New Arrival Refugee Immunisation (NARI) Program

New arrival refugees and humanitarian entrants to Australia may not be fully immunised in line with the Australian National Immunisation Program schedule. This places the refugee and the community at risk of some vaccine preventable diseases. The NARI program offers specific vaccines to newly arrived refugees in South Australia.


Under the National Immunisation Program, all refugees and humanitarian entrants are able to receive free catch-up vaccinations.

About the program

NARI providers will accept referrals from your doctor and other health professionals. The immunisation services include:

  • appointments for individuals and family groups
  • providing access to interpreting services for new arrivals attending the clinics
  • assessing the current immunisation history of all new arrivals and offering catch-up vaccines as required
  • providing immunisation records of all immunisations administered and documentation of when the next immunisations are due.

What vaccines are included?

For a list of vaccines included under the NARI program refer to the catch-up immunisation table on the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care website.

Where to get immunised

Identified immunisation providers in the main local government areas where refugees settle. See the Immunisation services page for a list of local government and health services that can provide NARI vaccines.


There is no cost for either the vaccine or the vaccine administration for those who have arrived in Australia under the Australian Government Humanitarian Scheme and attend a NARI clinic.

Further information

For further information on the New Arrival Refugee Immunisation Program, contact your doctor or immunisation service provider.