High Risk Hepatitis B Immunisation Program

The High Risk Hepatitis B Immunisation Program is a State Government supported program that provides free hepatitis B vaccine for groups who are at increased risk of developing hepatitis B.


The following susceptible people can receive a free vaccine through this state supported Program. A blood test to determine hepatitis B status will be required before starting the vaccination course in individuals over 15 years of age:

  • people who inject drugs
  • detainees and new humanitarian refugees (all ages). See the New Arrival Refugee Immunisation Program
  • sexual contacts of people with chronic or acute hepatitis B infection
  • household contacts of people with chronic or acute hepatitis B infection, including adults adopting children from overseas who have chronic or acute hepatitis B
  • people who have HIV, chronic liver disease and/or hepatitis C
  • inmates of correctional and youth justice facilities
  • men who have sex with men
  • clients of sexual health services
  • sex workers
  • people experiencing homelessness
  • adults of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent
  • individuals with developmental disabilities.

How to access

For those eligible to receive free vaccines, contact your doctor or community health centre to arrange an appointment.

For further information on vaccine providers, see the Immunisation services page.

Information for health professionals

Pre vaccination screening

Pre vaccination screening to determine the hepatitis B status of individuals considered high risk to hepatitis B infection is required prior to commencing the course of hepatitis B immunisation.

When requesting serology, the doctor must write the following on the request form “? chronic hepatitis B” for hepatitis B testing to be Medicare rebatable.

Further information