Home oxygen therapy

Home oxygen therapy is an out of hospital treatment that delivers extra oxygen to assist with breathing.

Information booklet

The Home Oxygen Therapy Patient Information booklet (PDF 845KB) is a resource for people who have been assessed by a respiratory or sleep specialist who have determined that they would benefit from oxygen therapy in the home. It contains important information about a range of topics, including:

  • How oxygen can help
  • Prescriptions
  • Equipment options
  • Use of equipment and management of problems
  • Concessions and payments
  • Use at home and with personal care
  • Travelling with oxygen
  • Responsibilities for management of health and lung function.

How do I access home oxygen?

To access home oxygen you will need to be reviewed by a respiratory specialist who will determine whether you may benefit from home oxygen therapy and meet the Thoracic Society of Australia & New Zealand (TSANZ) Home Oxygen Guidelines.

For more information about home oxygen therapy and referrals to respiratory specialists, talk to your general practitioner (GP), or contact your Local Health Network specialist respiratory clinic or nearest hospital.

Program coordination

Local Health Network home oxygen programs in metropolitan and country SA are coordinated by respiratory or community nurses. Coordinating nurses provide information, support and care for people receiving home oxygen for the duration of their therapy and ensure TSANZ Home Oxygen Guideline criteria are met.

Referrals for home oxygen are sent to program coordinators who arrange approvals, equipment supply and information and education for patients, as well as ensure therapy can be safely provided at home.  

Concessions and payments

Information about a range of concessions and payments for eligible South Australians using oxygen therapy at home is available from Home Oxygen Therapy Concessions.

You can also talk to your respiratory nurse / community nurse, specialist respiratory clinic or GP to find out more about how to access concessions to help with running costs for medical equipment.

Still have questions? Contact Health.ServicesPlanningAndPrograms@sa.gov.au