Lead at shooting ranges

Using firearms, casting bullets or visiting shooting ranges can put you and your family at risk of lead exposure. Lead is vaporised when guns are fired and fumes are released into the air. Lead dust is also generated when ammunition makes impact with a solid object.

People can breathe in or swallow lead fumes and lead dust at shooting ranges directly from the air, from touching contaminated surfaces, when handling ammunition, and cleaning and reloading firearms.

Lead dust can stick to your hands, hair, skin, clothing and shoes and readily transfer into your vehicle and onto surfaces in your home. It is important you take precautions to protect yourself and your family from the dangers of lead exposure at shooting ranges (DOCX 152KB).

Avoid taking young children to shooting ranges, or if you are pregnant or planning pregnancy.

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For further information on the risk of lead exposure from workplaces and hobbies, contact SA Health's Scientific Services (08) 8226 7100.