Getting help for alcohol-related problems

When to get help

Consider your answers to the following questions:

  • Have your loved ones, friends or colleagues ever suggested you should, or asked you to, cut down your alcohol intake?
  • Have you ever felt bad or guilty about your drinking?
  • Has your drinking ever got you into trouble?
  • Do you ever wake up not knowing what happened the night before?

Working out if you need help to reduce your drinking can be confusing. An easier way to find the answer might be to give an expert a call and get their advice.

Alcohol and Drug Information Service (ADIS)

The Alcohol and Drug Information Service (ADIS) (1300 131 340) is a telephone information, counselling, and referral service for the general public. You can call the line anonymously at any time and simply tell the health professional taking your call that you don't know if you need help or not. They can help you decide if you need and want support. If you do decide to access support, they can help you find information or services to meet your needs.

The people on the other end of the phone are trained counsellors and will listen to what you have to say. They are used to hearing about problems to do with alcohol. You can talk to them about whatever you want, whether it's to do with your own drinking or that of someone else.

They can give you information about alcohol and other drugs, how to stay safe and what to do to keep others safe.

ADIS can also refer you to alcohol treatment services, send you resources, or direct you to where to find other information, resources and support.

The Know Your Options website also provides a directory of services for people who experience problems with alcohol or drug problems.