Helping with decisions about unplanned pregnancy

Prior to making your decision, a collection of fact sheets and resources have been produced for you to read. Counselling sessions are also available for you and your support person (see below for more information).

Counselling is not compulsory. It is your choice whether to have counselling or not.

The Pregnancy Advisory Centre also provides post-abortion counselling for women and their support partners.

Fact sheets and other resources

The following resources may provide assistance in your decision-making process.


Counsellors aim to provide a warm, supportive, non-judgmental space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings about your unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, or your experience of abortion.

Counselling provided by qualified social workers who uphold practice standards and ethics governed by the Australian Association of Social Workers.

Counselling is not compulsory. It is your choice whether to have counselling or not.

The session is led by you and gives you the opportunity to discuss any concerns or fears you may have and decision making strategies. Your partner or significant others can be involved if you wish. Counsellors will support you to take the time you need to make the decision that is right for you.

Prior to making your decision, counsellors will give you accurate information about your options which may include, continuing the pregnancy and parenting, continuing and choosing adoption, and terminating the pregnancy.

The Pregnancy Advisory Centre counsellors respect each person’s unique circumstances and provide a confidential and safe place to talk.

Our practice principles include:

  • The importance of reproductive autonomy (eg the decision is made free from pressure /coercion)
  • Trust that people are the experts in their life
  • All reproductive choices are valid and equal

Counsellors see and support many clients, some of whom choose to continue their pregnancy as well as those who choose abortion.

Make an appointment

If you would like to speak to a counsellor, or make an appointment you can contact the Pregnancy Advisory Centre or other unplanned pregnancy service providers.

Other counselling services you can also contact include:

SHine SA 

Address: 64c Woodville Road, Woodville, SA, 5011
Website: Shine SA
Phone: 1300 794 584

Metropolitan Youth Health

Website: Metropolitan Youth Health Service

Address: 6 Gillingham Rd, Elizabeth, SA, 5112
Phone: (08) 8255 3477

Angle Park
Address: Parks Community Centre, Trafford Street, Angle Park, SA, 5010
Phone: (08) 8243 5637

Christies Beach
Address: 50A Beach Road, Christies Beach, SA, 5165 
Phone: (08) 8326 6053

Women's Health Service

Address: 47 Dale Street, Port Adelaide, SA, 5015
Website: Women's Health Service
Phone: (08) 8444 0700

Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Helpline

Website: Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Helpline
Phone: 1800 883 436

Refugee Health Service

Address: 21 Market St, Adelaide, SA, 5000
Website: Refugee Health Service
Phone: (08) 8237 3900

MensLine support for male partners

Website: MensLine Australia
Phone: 1300 789 978

Social Work Departments