HealthPathways South Australia

HealthPathways SA is an online portal that provides General Practitioners (GPs) and other health professionals easy access to comprehensive, evidence-based assessment, management and referral resources for specific health conditions.

Designed to be used at the point of care by health professionals, HealthPathways SA can assist in the care for patients in the community with easy access to up-to-date clinical assessment, management referral pathways and service information.

Local South Australian GPs, specialists, nurses and other health professionals are leading the development and supporting rollout across the state.

Accessing HealthPathways SA

Available to South Australian GPs and health professionals, HealthPathways is accessible anywhere, anytime on most devices.

Access is free and easy. Register for a login via the HealthPathways SA project website.

Have your login? Access HealthPathways SA.

New pathways are continuing to be developed all the times. You can check the HealthPathways SA homepage or the project website for an up to date listing of recently published pathways and updated pathways.

The local HealthPathways SA team work closely with relevant subject matter experts, clinical specialists and health professionals from across our state.

For symptoms and conditions commonly presenting in primary care, they work together to localise clinical assessment, management, and referral pathway guidelines to the South Australian context.

Referral pages within HealthPathways SA provide information on services available across the state, including acute and outpatient services, allied health services community and support services. Information includes types of services, locations, how to access and relevant referral information.

With the HealthPathways SA team based locally, updates to clinical assessment and management guidelines, pathways or referrals and changes to service information can be responded to rapidly.

HealthPathways South Australia (HPSA) is a partnership between the Minister for Health and Wellbeing, through Wellbeing SA, Adelaide PHN and Country SA PHN.

Further information

For more information visit the HealthPathways SA Project website or contact the HPSA team via