HealthPathways South Australia

HealthPathways South Australia (HPSA) is a partnership between SA Health, Adelaide Primary Health Network and Country SA Primary Health Network.

HPSA provides information and guidelines for General Practitioners (GPs) and health professionals to support the consistent management of patients in the community.  The pathways provide information for GPs and health professionals about available community services and, when required, details on referring patients to SA Health for care.

HealthPathways are developed by a clinical team that includes GPs and a variety of professionals such as medical specialists, nurses, allied health staff, pharmacists and paramedics.  The team works together to ensure the information in the pathways supports GPs in planning care and treatments with their patients based on the best available evidence and local community services.

Clinical and service referral pathways

HPSA is available to South Australian GPs and health professionals. Currently over 120 clinical and service referral pathways have been localised for SA and are available on the HealthPathways live portal. New clinical and service referral pathways are continuing to be developed all the time. You can check the HPSA homepage or the project site for an up to date listing of recently published pathways and updated pathways.

Further information

For more information about HPSA, view the flyer (PDF 3MB), or visit the HealthPathways SA Project website or HealthPathways South Australia Portal.

You can also contact the HPSA team via email on