Statewide Gender Diversity Model of Care

Nationally and internationally, there is increasing awareness of people who are trans, gender diverse and non-binary, and increasing numbers of children, adolescents, adults and their families presenting to health care services seeking advice, support and coordinated, timely care for their experience of gender diversity or gender incongruence.

The Statewide Gender Diversity Model of Care (MOC) (PDF 1MB) has been developed to improve timely access to appropriate and evidence-based gender health care and support for South Australians who are trans, gender diverse, non-binary or gender questioning and their families/carers, and establish clear pathways for service access. The MOC describes how health services will be delivered, including who the services are for, how they can be accessed and the types of services available.

The MOC was informed by extensive stakeholder consultation with community members, clinicians and other service providers. Details of the MOC were developed by members of the Project Steering Group including expert clinicians and community representatives.

The MOC also recognises that this is an emerging area of health care, and new evidence must continue to be reviewed as part of ongoing monitoring to ensure that future service delivery models and clinical pathways continue to be evidence-based.

Next steps for implementation of the Gender Diversity Model of Care are outlined in the MOC and include:

  • Commission future SA gender diversity health services in line with the MOC
  • Establish measures and processes for ongoing monitoring and evaluation, including collection and reporting of service demand, usage and outcomes data, and review of latest published evidence regarding service provision models and outcomes
  • Establish a working group to further scope the proposed surgical model of care
  • Prepare and communicate service information including website content, materials and resources which suit the needs of diverse communities.

For further information regarding the Gender Diversity MOC and its implementation please contact the Department for Health and Wellbeing Planning and Commissioning Branch on:

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