Statewide Stroke Community of Practice

Chair – Professor Tim Kleinig

Clinical Project Manager – Sue Mattschoss

Phone: 0466 831 668

The statewide Stroke Community of Practice (SCOP) comprises of a team of health care clinicians from metropolitan and country health, working in acute and rehabilitation stroke. Together, with consumer representatives, data analysts, the Stroke Foundation and the South Australian Ambulance Service, they are responsible for developing, improving, monitoring and sustaining best practice statewide services for all South Australians with stroke.

The SCOP is responsible for setting the priorities and standards relevant to contemporary stroke practice across South Australia. The SCOP provides statewide governance for acute stroke services within South Australia, coordinated with rehabilitation services, and continues to provide clinical leadership and involvement in the development and application of stroke clinical standards, guidelines and protocols.

The SCOP is supported by a statewide Stroke Protocol and Guideline Reference Group that provides clinical leadership in the development of SA Stroke Clinical Practice Guidelines (PDF 5MB). The practice guidelines facilitate the delivery of best practice acute stroke care for all South Australians. They also include the pathway for effective recognition of stroke in the community and transport of patients to the nearest stroke unit hospital whereby appropriate acute therapy can be delivered.

The SCOP current priorities include a review of the Statewide Model of Care (informed by recent and projected statewide population stroke data, recent national Guideline changes and changes in LHN systems) Statewide stroke protocol transition to ‘Living Guidelines’ and the development of a real-time stroke activity and outcome dashboard. This will be supported by review and implementation of a statewide education standard.