Aged Care Strategy Unit

The Aged Care Strategy (ACS) Unit plays a crucial role in offering strategic counsel to both state and Commonwealth governments regarding Commonwealth subsidised aged care, particularly concerning its interaction with the healthcare sector. This encompasses the administration of the Aged Care Assessment Program (ACAP) to ensure that its objectives are effectively met within South Australia. The unit's responsibilities extend to overseeing various specialised projects, such as the aged care assessment reforms, governance of specialised dementia care, and other strategic initiatives within the aged care domain.

Key Priorities of the ACS

  • Implementation of national assessment reform initiatives as part of the broader Commonwealth aged care reforms.
  • Execution of state-specific priorities aimed at establishing an efficient and integrated assessment model in South Australia.
  • Collaboration with the Commonwealth on key initiatives, including the Specialist Dementia Care Program and the National Dementia Care Action Plan.
  • Oversight of contract management for the HammondCare Dementia Care village and the state-funded specialist dementia care unit.

Commonwealth government responsibilities

The Commonwealth government, through the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care (DoHAC) has responsibility for aged care services. Further information can be found on the My Aged Care website which provides information about aged care for older people, families, service providers, assessors and health professionals.


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