Dr Brian Pridmore Perinatal Forum

Mitotic Melody and Malady: An interactive forum regarding the challenges of cancer in pregnancy

The 25th annual Dr Brian Pridmore Forum was held on 14 September 2022 in South Australia.

Presenters included:



Professor Graeme Suthers


Ms Linda Howell


Dr Alice Robinson


Professor Martin Oehler


Dr Kristina Sibbin




From Conception to the Fridge (2021)



Professor Yee Khong – Embryology of the Normal Placenta


Dr Peter Muller – Ultrasound and Placenta

Dr Aimee Woods – Poor Placentation and Current Evidence for Therapies


A/Professor Michael Stark – The Role of the Placenta in Developmental Outcomes Following Preterm and Term Birth


Ms Cate Fanning – Placental Cultural Practices




Stillbirth – An evolving conversation (2019)

Just a touch of the sugar? (2018)

Pills, Potions and Pregnancy (2017)

Going viral (2016)

The older the better (2015)

Negotiating the maze (2014)