Dental schemes for private dental providers

SA Dental Service is the main provider of public dental services in South Australia. Private dental providers have an important role in delivering some public dental services to eligible clients via government funded dental schemes.

Detailed information about dental schemes may be found in the SA Dental Service Dental Schemes - Information book (PDF 1.3MB) or by contacting the SA Dental Service Dental Schemes Unit.

The Dental Schemes Schedule April 2021 (PDF 358KB) and the Pensioner Denture Scheme for metropolitan and country dental prosthetists April 2021 (PDF 184KB) and the Crown and Bridge dental scheme April 2021 (PDF 95KB) include:

  • fee schedules
  • schemes summary sheets
  • outline of items and associated fees for the range of treatment services that may be provided under each scheme.

An excel version of the schemes summary sheets is available from the Schemes Unit.

Register or update your details

To register to become a dental schemes provider or to update your supplier details, complete a supplier creation/maintenance form (PDF 8.27KB) and sent it to:

Alternatively, phone SA Dental Schemes Unit on (08) 7117 0117.

For more information

SA Dental Service Schemes Unit
Phone: (08) 7117 0117