Clinical decision tools on lumbar disorders

A collection of decision-support tools to help guide you through the clinical assessment and decision-making for patients presenting with lumbar disorders.

Clinical action guide

The clinical action guide (PDF 835KB) is a single-page document which clearly outlines the required clinical assessment of a back pain patient presenting to primary care.  It details appropriate management considerations for patients from initial presentation through to 12 weeks.

Triage and referral guideline

The triage and referral guideline (PDF 151KB) provides a framework to decide who, when and how to refer for specialist consultation.

Diagnostic guideline

The diagnostic guide (PDF 177KB) provides a clear explanation of the clinical diagnostic categories and appropriate management practices.

Physical assessment guidelines

The physical assessment guidelines (PDF 444KB) broadly outline the most important requirements of the physical examination of a patient presenting with back and/or leg pain of lumbar spine origin.

Spinal imaging guideline

The spinal imaging guideline (PDF 134KB) is a simple tool which provides clear recommendations for appropriate spinal imaging according to current recommendations.

Analgesia guidelines

Analgesia guidelines have been developed to assist with medication recommendation and prescription for patients presenting with low back pain or predominant neuropathic symptoms of spinal origin e.g. radiculopathy