HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis information for health professionals

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) medications (co-formulated tenofovir disoproxil and emtricitabine), when used with optimal adherence, are highly effective at preventing HIV transmission.

PrEP medications are registered in Australia with the Therapeutic Goods Association and listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) as a General Schedule item (Streamed Authority) meaning all general practitioners, other medical specialists and authorised nurse practitioners can prescribe PrEP for HIV prevention. No specialist training is required to prescribe PrEP, however, ASHM Health provide resources and training guidance for clinicians who are new to prescribing PrEP.

PreP guidelines

The ASHM 2019 PrEP Guidelines recommend daily PrEP for all people at risk of HIV infection, including men who have sex with men (MSM), heterosexual men and women, transgender people, and people who inject drugs. In addition, these guidelines also recommend that on-demand PrEP should be offered as an alternative option to cis-gender MSM.

Access HIV PrEP

There are three ways to access HIV PrEP in Australia:

  1. An Australian resident with a current Medicare card can access PBS subsidised PrEP at a community pharmacy with a valid prescription.
  2. Any doctor can write a private script for their patient to have dispensed at a community pharmacy. This may be an option for those without a current Medicare card who are willing to pay the private (non-PBS subsidised) cost and do not wish to use the Personal Importation Scheme.
  3. A script can be provided to any patient (including those without a current Medicare card) who can then buy the drug online from a reliable overseas supplier using the TGA’s Personal Importation Scheme. Patients can be directed to more information on personal importation at the PrEP Access Now website.

ASHM health clinical guidelines

South Australian health practitioners should refer to the ASHM HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Clinical Guidelines.  The ASHM HIV PrEP Guidelines outline behavioural risk and suitability criteria for:

  • MSM
  • heterosexual men and women
  • trans and gender diverse people
  • people who inject drugs.

In addition to assisting clinicians in assessing the suitability of patients for PrEP, the ASHM HIV PrEP Guidelines provide guidance on commencing and monitoring patients on PrEP including management of side-effects and toxicity, use of PrEP in pregnancy and in chronic hepatitis B infection; daily and on-demand (also known as event-based) PrEP dosing; and discontinuing PrEP.

The ASHM HIV PrEP Guidelines provide a recommended appointment schedule of testing and ongoing monitoring for health practitioners managing individuals accessing PrEP for HIV.

Decision making tool

ASHM Health's two-page Decision Making in PrEP: Prescribing Pathway for PrEP in Australia tool summarises the eligibility criteria and recommended assessment for primary care providers in Australia who wish to prescribe PrEP and as well as patient education and monitoring requirements.

Experienced clinicians and PrEP prescribers list in South Australia

To contact a clinician with experience in prescribing PrEP in South Australia, please contact the Adelaide Sexual Health Centre.

To view a list of prescribing doctors and nurse practitioners, visit the South Australian HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Prescribers List on the SHINE SA website.

Invitation to become a HIV PrEP prescriber in South Australia!

Co-formulated tenofovir and emtricitabine for use as HIV PrEP by people at risk of HIV infection is now recommended as standard care in clinical guidelines in Australia. As PrEP is now listed as a Schedule 85 (s85) drug, any doctor can write a script for PrEP which can be taken to any pharmacy for dispensing.

Adelaide Sexual Health Centre (ASHC) are currently seeking General Practitioners interested in offering their patients PrEP and receiving referrals. Please call (08) 7117 2800.

To list your clinic online go to either of the following websites:


For information on PrEP for HIV training courses, visit the ASHM Health website.