Aseptic technique

Aseptic technique is an element of standard precautions and a set of practices that aims to protect patients from healthcare-associated infections and protects healthcare workers from contact with blood, body fluid and body tissue.

Aseptic technique aims to prevent pathogenic organisms, in sufficient quantity to cause infection, from being introduced to susceptible body sites by the hands of staff, surfaces or equipment. Aseptic technique protects patients during invasive clinical procedures by utilising infection prevention measures that minimise the presence of micro-organisms.

Aseptic technique, when performed correctly will:

  • minimise contamination of key sites
  • protect patients from their own pathogenic microorganisms that may cause infection
  • reduce the transmission of microorganisms
  • maintain the sterility of equipment and key parts used for aseptic procedures.

Principles of aseptic technique


Further information

For further information on aseptic technique, contact SA Health's Infection Control Service on (08) 7425 7161.