South Australian Survivorship Framework

SA Cancer Service in collaboration with key stakeholders have developed the South Australian Survivorship Framework and companion resources to support in the delivery of consistent and quality survivorship care across the state. An overview of the Framework is provided in Figure 1 below. The Framework was developed with support of funding by the National Cancer Expert Reference Group


The Framework outlines both a minimum and recommended standard of care for South Australian’s who have been diagnosed with cancer. This includes the provision of:

  • Cancer Treatment Summary (CTS)
  • Survivorship Needs Assessment – Distress Thermometer and Checklist Template, utilised to inform the development of a
  • Survivorship Care Plan (SCP)

Key focuses

Recognising the diverse range of needs for cancer survivors, the Framework has a key focus on ensuring the following elements are explored and addressed including:

  • Cancer surveillance, monitoring and follow-up care for recurrence and secondary cancers
  • Immediate, ongoing or delayed late-effects of treatment toxicities and original disease (eg. peripheral neuropathy, cardiomyopathy, fertility)
  • Physical, psychosocial and economic impact of cancer and its treatment (eg. anxiety and depression, body image concerns, return to work/school/study, financial implications)
  • Co-morbidities or other health problems (for example, prevention and/or management of diabetes, asthma, obesity)
  • Health promotion and general wellness (for example, participation in national screening programs and healthy lifestyle practices relating to diet and exercise as well as exposure to harmful substances and environments)


Consideration was made to the various barriers and enablers to survivorship care identified during the development and piloting of the Framework and associated tools which were adapted accordingly.

Further information

For further detail refer to the SA Survivorship Framework (PDF 1.4MB) and SA Survivorship Framework Resources (PDF 1MB) documents or contact SA Cancer Service at