SA Ambulance Service

Dial 000 in an emergency logo showing a telephone handset over a large triple zero and the word emergency at the bottomAbout us

SA Ambulance Service is the sole provider of emergency ambulance services in South Australia. Services include:

  • out-of-hospital emergency care and transport
  • a non-emergency ambulance transport service
  • emergency and major events management

SA Ambulance Service also:

  • coordinates the State Rescue Helicopter Service operations
  • collaborates with Flinders University of South Australia to deliver the Bachelor of Health Sciences (Paramedic) and the Master of Health Sciences (pre-hospital and emergency care)
  • promotes and administers the Ambulance Cover subscription scheme
  • promotes and manages Call Direct, a 24-hour monitored personal emergency service.

Our vision

The community of South Australia is secure in the quality of service provided by its ambulance service

Our mission

The SA Ambulance Service mission is to save lives, reduce suffering and enhance quality of life through the provision of accessible and responsive, quality patient care and transport.

Our values

  • our reputation and professional profile
  • the passion, effectiveness and potential of our people and their wellbeing
  • accountability
  • integrity
  • innovation.


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