Non-Admitted Emergency Care (NAEC) (Audited)

Non-Admitted Emergency Care data describe what happens to a person when they are present to a public hospital for either Emergency Department or Emergency Service care. The data contains a range of information including demographics, and the diagnoses.

In South Australia non-admitted emergency activity data is captured in accordance with standards and guidelines described for the Non-Admitted Emergency Care data collection. The scope of non-admitted activity includes patients presenting to public hospitals. Private hospital non-admitted emergency care data is not collected.

It provides SA Health with the information resources necessary to effectively fund, organise, evaluate, and plan health services in South Australia.

Non-admitted emergency activity data also allows SA Health to meet national obligations through annual submissions to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). Non-admitted emergency activity forms part of both the Non-Admitted Emergency Department Care National Minimum Data Set and Emergency Service Care National Best Endeavours Data Set through submission to AIHW.

Non-Admitted Emergency Care Reference Manual

A number of resources for the NAEC data domain are also available. These resources may be shared across multiple domains, such as with Admitted Patient Care.


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