System Design and Planning

The Department for Health and Wellbeing is responsible for statewide health service planning and development of statewide service plans for the public health system in South Australia.

The System Design and Planning branch sits within the System Leadership and Design Division and is accountable for statewide health system planning and design. The focus of our work is on positioning our health system to meet the needs of our population into the future, with the goal of creating a targeted, safe, high-quality and value-based health system and to improve health outcomes and experiences for our population. This comprises the most effective way to utilise our current and future health resources including infrastructure, workforce and funding.

Health Planning is future oriented and generally uses a medium-long term focus to support health care providers respond to improving health outcomes based on current evidence, respond to the changing demand for health services, improving service delivery models and identifying new trends in health.

Examples of System Design and Planning work include:

  • Review and assessment of South Australia’s population health needs, demand for services and the way these services are delivered
  • Development of the SA Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2020 – 2025 and the SA Health Strategic Clinical Services Plan 2021 – 2031
  • Development of a long-term Infrastructure Strategy and Infrastructure Plan
  • Development of a range of statewide Frameworks, Service Plans and Models of Care, including for specific geographical areas, population groups or clinical specialties.

The System Design and Planning branch also provides administrative support to the Strategic Planning, Infrastructure and Investment Committee (SPIIC) which has been established to lead in the provision of strategic advice, guidance and feedback for health system strategies and plans. The SPIIC is responsible for strategic planning consistency and connectivity across SA Health and provides a forum for collaboration and prioritisation of major / statewide planning activities.

The System Design and Planning branch works with a range of partners across our system and works in close partnership with the Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health, Preventive Health SA, the Statewide Clinical Networks and Communities of Practice, Provider Commissioning and Performance and Infrastructure branches.

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