Enterprise Chemotherapy Prescribing System

SA Health's tender process for a single statewide Enterprise Chemotherapy Prescribing System (ECPS) is currently in progress.

A statewide ECPS will:

  • support the needs of both adults and children attending any of the 21 public hospital sites across metropolitan and country South Australia with either a solid or blood tumour presentation requiring chemotherapy
  • improve patient experience in receiving the right medication at the right time
  • support SA Health chemotherapy service site staff by improving the safety of the entire medication management process for their patients
  • reduce the risk of adverse events relating to chemotherapy and cancer survival in South Australian public hospitals
  • improve medication safety resulting in a reduction in errors and serious untoward events.

It is expected that the successful vendor will be selected by the end of 2020. Commencement of implementation activities is targeted to begin in early 2021.

Further information

For more information about the Enterprise Chemotherapy Prescribing System please contact HealthECPSProject@sa.gov.au

You can also check this page regularly for updates.