Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health

The Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health (CEIH) provides leadership and advice within SA Health and the Government on clinical excellence and innovation with a focus on maximising health outcomes for patients, improving care and safety, monitoring performance, championing evidence-based practice and clinical innovation, and supporting collaboration.

In doing this, CEIH will:

  • bring together expertise from clinicians, consumers, health partners and other relevant stakeholders to maximise health outcomes for patients
  • be recognised as a centre for excellence, a strong partner for clinical improvement and innovation and will have recognised expertise which can influence design
  • support the provision of safer, more innovative and efficient healthcare through empowering clinicians and consumers.

Current opportunities

Clinical Advisory Council

This Clinical Advisory Council is the peak advisory body to CEIH and will support the development of the CEIH’s vision and purpose in alignment with statewide health priorities and community expectations as well as provide advice, insight and support to the CEIH on its current and future programs of work. 

Consultation feedback

In May 2019, a discussion paper on the CEIH and a Frequently Asked Questions document were circulated to a broad range of stakeholders, including all SA Health staff, Local Health Networks, Primary Health Networks and non-government organisations. Feedback was sought on the CEIH’s proposed vision, purpose, structures and outcomes, as well as how the CEIH can assist clinicians to innovate and improve care, how it should engage consumers and the community, and how to improve clinical analytics.

Over 60 responses were received. The Discussion Paper Consultation Report (PDF 540KB) provides a summary of this feedback. The report contains the key themes of the feedback and raises considerations which will further guide the design and function of the CEIH.

The CEIH thanks those who provided responses. For further information regarding the report, please email

Structure of the CEIH

The CEIH is led by a Commissioner, Professor Paddy Phillips, and has four directorates:

An Office of the Commissioner supports the Commissioner and the divisions.

Commission will initially have three branches: Clinical Partnerships, Clinical Improvement and Innovation, and Clinical Informatics. An Office of the Commissioner will support the Commissioner and the branches

This structure may evolve over the first year of the Commissions establishment.

Consumer and Clinical Partnerships

The Consumer and Clinical Partnerships (CCP) directorate of the CEIH is focused on developing systems and capability to build and sustain partnerships between clinicians and with communities, consumers and carers. Partnerships will enable clinical improvement, foster innovation and ultimately improve the experience of health care delivery.

Clinical Improvement and Innovation

The Clinical Improvement and Innovation directorate is focused on building an ecosystem that enables rapid ideation, execution, adoption, and sustainability of breakthrough process & technology solutions that impact how care is delivered across South Australia. We will create capacity and capability for innovation in every corner of the health system to unleash our collective capabilities to improve care. By coupling agile improvement capabilities with emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual/augmented reality and others, we will ensure that South Australia is the global leader in health care innovation.

Clinical Informatics

Clinical informatics is the study of how technology and data analytics can be used to improve the delivery of healthcare services. The Clinical Informatics directorate aims to support and enable decision making in health by:

  • promoting and building health data literacy for clinicians and consumers
  • building capability, sharing and collaboration across the South Australian health system in using clinical informatics to support Statewide Clinical Networks and clinical improvement initiatives led by the CEIH
  • driving a learning health organisation by embedding evidence throughout the system
  • enhancing and empowering access to rich data assets to aid clinical decision making, health service policy, planning, delivery and evaluation and research translation
  • demonstrating innovative and supporting uses of data and technology to deliver improved consumer outcomes
  • building partnerships and linkages with international and national organisations for knowledge sharing in clinical informatics with other innovators and monitoring for emerging innovations and best practice research
  • supporting sustainable, interoperable, open, scalable and innovative informatics solutions.

Human-Centred Design

Human-centred design thinking puts people at the centre of everything we do. It is about working with patients, their families and carers, the wider community, healthcare staff, and anyone else impacted by innovation or improvement to make sure that they are involved through the whole design process. Importantly, human centred design is about really understanding people and culture and bringing people together to challenge current conceptions and design sustainable, meaningful solutions to the problems that most matter to our communities.

Statewide Clinical Networks

Statewide Clinical Networks are being established to enable better collaboration on ways to improve health care in South Australia. For more information on the networks, visit the Statewide Clinical networks page.

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