Controlled Substances Advisory Council

The Controlled Substances Advisory Council (the Council) is established under section 6 of the Controlled Substances Act 1984 (the Act). The Council keeps the Controlled Substances legislation under review to ensure it is relevant and effective. Members of the Council include a medical practitioner, police officer, legal and technical experts and a member of the public.


The functions of the Controlled Substances Advisory Council are to:

  • review the substances that are controlled under the Act or that may need to be controlled and the controls that should apply to them
  • advise the Minister for Mental Health and Substance Abuse about measures that should be taken in relation to adding, removing or changing the controls
  • monitor the administration and operation of the Act
  • make recommendations to the Minister for changes to the Controlled Substances legislation.

Annual reports

2016/17 (PDF 473KB)

2015/16 (PDF 916KB)

2014/15 (PDF 833KB)

2013/14 (PDF 1.3MB)

2012/13 (PDF 439KB)

Contact us

The Medicines and Technology Policy and Programs Branch provides the administrative support for the Council. The Executive Officer for the Council can be contacted on (08) 8204 1942.

Further information

For more information on the Controlled Substances Advisory Council, see the following pages:

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