This site contains the South Australian Clinical Prioritisation Criteria (CPC) for most frequently referred plastics and reconstructive surgery conditions.

Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery conditions

Please note this is not an exhaustive list of all conditions for outpatient services and does not exclude consideration for referral unless specifically stipulated in the plastics and reconstructive surgery exclusions section.

Out of scope

Not all medical conditions are covered by the CPC, as certain conditions may be considered out of scope or managed by other specialist services:

  • abscess of the torso or lower limbs
  • acute bell’s palsy, refer to Neurology CPCs
  • acute stroke/transient ischemic attack, refer to nearest stroke service
  • acute/chronic burns/burn scar, refer to Burns CPCs
  • benign lesions not of the face, hand or neck, refer to general surgery including:
    • lipoma
    • warts
    • xanthelasma
    • naevi (melanocytic/pigmented)
    • sebaceous cysts
    • skin tags
    • seborrheic keratoses
  • dental origin abscess
  • diabetic ‘high-risk’ foot ulcers, refer to High-risk Foot CPC
  • dry eyes
  • ectropion with infective keratitis, refer to ophthalmology
  • entropion, refer to ophthalmology
  • gender affirmation surgery
  • ischemic ulcers – non palpable pulses/ankle brachial pressure index (ABPI) less than or equal to 0.85. Refer to vascular Peripheral Artery Disease CPC
  • minor/asymptomatic scar
  • reconstructive procedures with pre-existing internal referral pathways
  • venous ulcers (ultrasound confirmed), refer to Varicose Veins / Venous Disease CPC

Exclusions for public specialist outpatient services

Not all Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery conditions are appropriate for referral into the South Australian public health system. The following are not routinely provided in a public specialist outpatient service:

  • arthritis of hand and wrist without functional disability
  • biopsy referrals without specialist physician input
  • chronic lymphoedema patients who have not been reviewed by lymphoedema physiotherapy, refer to lymphoedema physiotherapy
  • cosmetic breast augmentation, including replacement of breast implants for cosmetic purposes
  • dentofacial deformity related to tooth misalignment or patient dissatisfaction with their smile
  • Dupuytren’s nodules without functional impairment or contracture
  • excess or saggy eyelid skin that does not affect visual fields
  • laser therapy
  • removal of sutures following trauma
  • scar revision after cosmetic surgery
  • scars less than 12 months maturity
  • simple post trauma wound management
  • stage 1/2 pressure injury
  • tattoo removal
  • gender affirmation surgery in people under the age of 18 years.

Emergency information

See the individual condition pages for more specific emergency information.


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The Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery CPC is due for review in June 2025.

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