Plastic and reconstructive surgery at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital

The Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is a public health service that treats a variety of surgical conditions for patients across Adelaide and regional South Australia.

It is a joint clinical and teaching unit with close links to the University of Adelaide and the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

This service is located at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and is part of the Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN).

Services provided

Our service follows the SA Health Restricted Elective Surgery Policy Directive (PDF 1.2MB). We do not manage purely aesthetic (cosmetic) cases.

Skin cancer

Assessment, excision and reconstruction for all skin cancers.

  • Note: please include biopsy results and photo attached to new referrals where possible.

General plastic surgery conditions

For example:

  • Complex scar problems
  • Complex wounds

Hand conditions

Our hand clinic offers services for people who have experienced acute hand trauma or have a chronic or degenerative hand condition.

These include:

  • compressive neuropathies
  • surgical management of arthritis
  • palmar fibromatosis
  • upper limb tumours
  • acute or chronic tendon injuries
  • chronic issues following previous trauma.

The clinic is run in conjunction with a group of dedicated Hand therapists.

Current research activities:

  • The multidisciplinary management of carpal tunnel and trigger finger management.

Breast reconstruction

TQEH has a dedicated twice weekly breast reconstruction clinic run by consultants with a specialist interest in this area.

The clinic sees patients with:

  • a history of mastectomy for breast cancer
  • a high risk of developing breast cancer
  • congenital and developmental breast abnormalities
  • a requirement for medically indicated breast reduction surgery (see Breast Reduction Referral Guidelines (PDF 278KB)).

The team have close links with the TQEH Breast/Endocrine Department.

Post massive weight-loss body contouring

Patients post massive weight loss for consideration of abdominoplasty/apronectomy and breast surgery.

Thigh and arm reduction surgeries are not routinely offered at the TQEH.

See guidelines for more details:

Facial fractures

Assessment and treatment of facial injuries and facial fractures.

Services not provided

We are unable to see:

  • Children under the age of 16 (patients between the ages of 16-18 years upon direct discussion with the on-call Registrar)
  • Acute burns requiring specialist burn unit care (for this service, see the Adult Burns Centre on the RAH website)
  • Simple, uncomplicated benign skin lesion are not routinely seen, unless causing functional limitation. These include:
    • Sebaceous cysts
    • Lipomas
    • Seborrheic keratoses
    • Warts
    • Skin tags
    • Xanthelasma

      Referrers may consider discussion with General Surgical services or consider private referrals for the management of these conditions.

How to make a referral

Urgent referrals, including all acute and traumatic injuries

On-call Plastic Surgery Registrar, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Phone: 0466 553 474

Hospital switchboard: (08) 8222 6000

Semi-urgent referrals

Our Rapid Assessment Clinic (RAC) is available for patients with semi-urgent plastic surgical problems that are likely to require operative intervention.

This clinic has strict eligibility criteria. Only patients discussed directly with the on-call registrar will be reviewed.

On-call Plastic Surgery Registrar, available 24/7
Phone: 0466 553 474

Hospital switchboard: (08 8222 6000)

If your patient is accepted into the Rapid Assessment Clinic, please provide them with the following to bring to their appointment:

  • a brief written referral
  • any relevant hard copy XR's

Non-urgent referrals

Outpatient referrals can be made using the forms below:

Send referrals to:

All referrals are triaged by a Consultant Plastic Surgeon and appointments are made based on clinical need. We are transitioning to a digital referral system.

Clinic schedule

All outpatient services are located in the main or allied health building of The Queen Elizabeth Hospital.





— Breast Reconstruction (8A)

Post massive weight-loss Body Contouring (monthly)

— Hand clinic (Area 3, ground floor)

— Dressing Clinic (Registrar led) Area 1, ground floor

— Skin Cancer/General Plastics (Area 1, ground floor)

— Dressing Clinic (Registrar led) Area 1, ground floor

— Breast Reconstruction (8A)
— Hand/Skin/General (Area 3)

Consultants, staff specialists and staff members

  • Dr. Richard Harries (Head of Unit) — FRACS
  • Dr. Michelle Lodge — FRACS
  • Dr. Bernard Carney — FRACS
  • Dr. Phoebe Prowse — FRACS
  • Dr. Naila Mouratova — FRACS
  • Dr. Vani Prasad Atluri — FRACS

Departmental Secretary

Jennifer O'Connor
Ph. 08 8222 6956
Fax: 08 8222 7967
Email: Jennifer.O'

Plastic Surgery Clinical Nurse Consultant

Bronte Thompson
Ph: 0481904221

TQEH Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department staff also include one international fellow, three registrars (two SET, one unaccredited), two resident medical officers and one intern. There is also a full time plastic surgery specialist nurse consultant on site.