Visit Whyalla Hospital

Visitors play an important part in any patient's hospital stay, and visitors are welcome.

Due to COVID-19, changes to services, visiting hours and visitor access now apply.

Please note:

  • Please obtain permission to visit from the nurse.
  • All visitors to the High Dependency Unit must ring the bell and ask for permission to visit.
  • Food, sweets and drinks for patients must be checked with the nurse, as many patients are on special diets.
  • To avoid inconvenience to other patients, only two people may visit each patient at any one time.
  • Please show consideration for patients by behaving quietly, and observing restrictions on visiting,
  • Visiting children are the responsibility of their parent or adult carer and should be supervised at all times. Please keep noise to a minimum.
  • Furniture is placed to ensure rapid access to rooms in emergencies. This also means that seating for visitors is restricted.