Modbury Hospital Redevelopment Latest Updates

See below for details of our new and redeveloped units and improvements for patient amenities.

Short Stay General Medical Unit

Modbury Hospital’s new Short Stay General Medical Unit (SSGMU) opened its doors in February to its very first patients, marking another major milestone in Modbury Hospital’s redevelopment. 

Palliative Care Unit

In December the Wirringka Palliative Care Unit will admit its first patients, marking another key milestone in the redevelopment of the hospital.

The name of the facility is particularly fitting, Wirringka means ‘together’ in Kaurna language which reflects the family intent behind the architectural design. Private suites will ensure that patients from the Northern region with a life-limiting illness and their families will have appropriate space and privacy as they receive care and symptom management.

Emphasis has also been placed on renewing the garden surrounds, named Mirnu Wirra, or 'Golden Wattle Grove’ in Kaurna language, ensuring that patients can enjoy time outside, walking or listening to the resident birdlife.

The stand-alone facility located on the Modbury campus is a patient-centric improvement from the previous ward which was on level four of the main hospital, meaning time outside was difficult to access.

Outpatient Department

Designed over two levels the new modern facility combines consulting offices, alongside treatment spaces with up to 24 different speciality services offered on level one and the ground floor dedicated to a new women’s and paediatrics outpatient clinic.

A hive of activity since opening, the new department layout allows a more effective and streamlined access for people visiting the hospital for treatment or diagnosis without requiring overnight hospitalisation.

The Women’s and Paediatric clinic has been built with the consumer in mind, providing easy pram access and a child-safe environment. One of the highlights of the area has been the clever design of turning a structural column into a fun tree and play area for children.

The Outpatients Department includes a state-of-the-art audiology booth, ophthalmology laser room and dedicated plaster room. Gastroenterology services will soon return on site and there will be other additional services in the future.

Surgical Suite

The Surgical Suite opened on 27 April, with the first surgeries in nearly year, with urology and eye surgeries occurring early in the morning.

Last year the difficult decision to close all four theatres was made to allow construction on the new unit to be fast-tracked to free up bed space during COVID-19. Completed eight months ahead of schedule, the new Surgical Suite comprises four completely refurbished theatres and two procedure rooms, as well as a day surgical unit and overnight ward.

The Surgical Suite is supported by the re-established High Dependency Unit, which opened in late March and allows for an increased number of low to medium complexity surgeries to be performed at Modbury, including multi-day surgeries, which in turn means that we are able to treat more patients closer to home, which we know has many positive benefits.

High Dependency Unit

The reinstatement of the High Dependency Unit at Modbury Hospital officially opened on 31 March and will provide many benefits to the local community including;

  • Enabling patients who require a higher level of monitoring and management of their clinical condition to be cared for at Modbury Hospital

  • Ease pressure on the Emergency Department and increase the complexity of patients admitted to Modbury Hospital

  • Support the increase of low to medium complex surgeries in the new surgical suite, which will enable more patients to be treated closer to home

  • Increase the ability to manage unwell patients at Modbury Hospital both medically and post-surgery

We know that providing health care to patient’s in their local area leads to better health outcomes for our patients and alleviates stress and inconvenience and travel time for their families.

Front entrance and cafe

Patients and visitors to the Modbury Hospital will also notice our new front entrance, and refurbished façade, which brings the Hospital up to modern standards. A particular highlight of the ground floor entrance is the new cafe, where visitors and patients alike can enjoy a range of light snacks in a relaxed and welcoming setting.

Extended Emergency Care Unit

A modern, 8-bed specialised Extended Emergency Care Unit, built adjacent to the Emergency Department is the first major milestone completed as part of the Modbury Hospital Redevelopment. Patients who are assessed in the Emergency Department can be moved to the Extended Emergency Care Unit for further observation and treatment for up to 24 hours. The hospital is then able to free up some emergency beds, improving the movement of new patients into the Emergency Department.

Changing Places Amenity 

As part of the redevelopment, a Changing Places amenity has now been installed on the ground floor near the main entrance to Modbury Hospital. This convenience is specially designed for people living with a disability and includes a range of customised features not available in standard accessible facilities.

Changing Places toilets provide:

  • a height-adjustable adult-sized change table

  • a constant-charging ceiling track hoist system

  • a centrally-located peninsula toilet

  • circulation spaces

  • an automatic door with a clear opening of 950mm

  • increased space to accommodate mobility aids and up to two carers

  • a privacy screen

The best-practice design toilet gives people with a disability a dignified and purpose-built amenity to use when they are out and enables everyone to participate in society with more independence.

A changing places facility has been installed at Modbury Hospital

Modbury Hospital Redevelopment Flythrough