Patient records set to go digital at FMC

07 April 2021

(Southern Health News, March 2021)

Patient records are set to go digital at Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) with the rolling out of the Sunrise patient electronic medical record system.

From late April, patients attending FMC’s Outpatient Clinics will automatically receive an electronic medical record, while FMC inpatients will receive an electronic medical record from June.

The single most important benefit of the Sunrise electronic medical record system is that it enables healthcare professionals to access real-time information about their patients and make better informed decision with a more ‘complete’ picture of a patient – linking history for diagnosis, treatment and care planning.

“Using the one electronic medical record system across our organisation will improve service delivery and more importantly, benefits our patients whose electronic medical record can be accessed at other Sunrise-connect hospitals and healthcare facilities in South Australia, if and when it’s needed,” said Ashley Leahy, Digital Health Lead, Southern Adelaide Local Health Network.

“Sunrise will become the primary patient and clinical documentation system to manage patient care. This is an exciting step forward for FMC, as it will now link seamlessly with Noarlunga Hospital and other select services across FMC who are already successfully using Sunrise.”

With built-in security features, patient medical information in Sunrise will be completely confidential and only accessible by authorised healthcare workers.

Sunrise EMR is a component of the SALHN Digital Health Strategy, which will form the framework to meet the evolving digital health care needs of our community and staff.

There are many benefits to having one electronic medical record:

  • With the same system in use at more public healthcare facilities in South Australia, patients may experience improved consistencies in administrative and clinical processes along the patient journey.
  • Safer care as a result of healthcare workers having immediate access to your medical records and history as you move between healthcare sites.
  • A link between Sunrise and the Federal Government's My Health Record allows your GP to receive your hospital discharge summaries to provide you with follow-up care. You will need to have a My Health Record and give consent to your GP for this to happen. At the same time, clinical staff at the public hospitals will be able to access your My Health Record and have visibility of your medical history.
  • Improved security and confidentiality. Unlike paper documentation, Sunrise EMR makes a record every time a patient’s medical information is accessed or viewed including any changes made and by whom.
  • More efficient care from healthcare workers who can immediately access your medical record at the time and place of treatment from any Sunrise-networked facility. 

To find out more about the Sunrise patient electronic medical record and what it means for you, please visit