Breast approach to screening

Monday, 9 July 2018

In a South Australian first, thousands of South Australian women will receive an innovative new invitation to have their breasts checked.

General Manager of BreastScreen SA (BSSA), Jane Burden, says 10,000 women will receive a personal message from Seven News’ Jane Doyle urging them to book in for a screening.

For the first time, BreastScreen SA is using new technology to personally remind women that they are due for an appointment,” Ms Burden said. “This new technology allows us to send an SMS to women who we know are due for a screening, personally inviting them to book in".

"The SMS is targeted at the individual, with breast cancer survivor, Jane Doyle, appearing to talk directly to the woman. In the SMS, Jane also shares her own experience as an example of how taking the time to make an appointment could save your life."

The personalised videos also include practical information, including where the closest clinic is, to ensure women don’t need to make any excuses.”

As a BSSA ambassador, Jane Doyle lends her face and voice to the targeted videos.

Having had my own breast cancer diagnosed in a routine screen by BSSA, I know the importance of making that appointment, even though we’re all time poor,” Ms Doyle said.

“I hope these videos will encourage more women to get screened to give them the best shot at early detection, which will give them the best chance at survival.

I am living proof that having a mammogram can save your life.”

BSSA has worked with Smart Video Australia to develop the personalised video with the client’s name, which also shows footage of the client’s nearest screening clinic. The videos will be sent via SMS to approximately 10,000 potential new BreastScreen SA clients.

The SMS will include a URL link which, when clicked, opens their personalised video. To view a sample video, visit