Wastewater products

Under the Wastewater Regulations, a person must not sell a system for use as an on-site wastewater system unless the system is the subject of a product approval by SA Health. Onsite wastewater systems include:

  • pre-manufactured septic tanks
  • aerobic units of various materials and designs
  • other all-waste wastewater systems
  • greywater systems
  • composting toilets
  • blackwater/toilet waste systems.

Approved products generally serve domestic properties but larger commercial systems also require approval for individual use or as a product.

Approved products

See the following for a list of approved products for marketing, sale and installation in South Australia:

Secondary Treatment Systems

Secondary Treatment Systems (STS) include all aerated wastewater systems, reed beds and aerated sand filters. Manufacturers of all existing and new STS are required to test and accredit their systems against the Australian Standards in order to sell them in South Australia. See the Accreditation fact sheet (PDF 97KB) for more information.

Seeking product approval

An application for approval to manufacture and sell a wastewater system in South Australia (PDF 36KB) must be submitted to SA Health's Wastewater Management Section and be accompanied by the necessary relevant information and fee.


Any modification or variations of the approved design will require a formal application to the DHA for separate consideration and variation of approval, which may require further documentation and/or product testing.


For assistance with completing the approval form, or for further information: