Hydrogen peroxide as a pool and spa water disinfectant

Important information update

On Wednesday 17 February 2021 the Federal Court of Australia set aside the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority's (APVMA) decision under section 41 of the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code Act 1994 to cancel the approvals of certain swimming and spa pool sanitiser products containing hydrogen peroxide and polyhexanide hydrochloride, as published in the Gazette on 28 July 2020.

As a result of the Federal Court’s decision the affected products may continue to be sold and used in accordance with their label instructions.

For further details see the APVMA website.

Further advice for those impacted

If you are the owner or manager of a public swimming pool or spa pool and are impacted by the Federal Courts’ decision, contact Health Protection Programs for further advice on (08) 8226 7100 or email Healthprotectionprograms@sa.gov.au. Alternatively you can contact APVMA by email enquiries@apvma.gov.au