Eat Well Be Active Strategy 2011-16

The Eat Well Be Active Strategy (PDF 5.29MB) was launched by the Minister for Health and Ageing on 7 December 2011.

This new strategy sets out actions for government to meet the challenges of supporting more South Australians to eat a healthy diet and be active and calls for action across the whole community.

Why do we need an Eat Well Be Active Strategy for South Australia?

  • Nutritious food, regular physical activity and maintenance of a healthy weight are vital for healthy growth and developing in childhood and good health throughout life.
  • With nearly 60% of South Australian adults and 25% of children overweight, health, productivity, community wellbeing and life expectancy are all threatened.
  • Not enough South Australians meet recommendations for physical activity and health eating – eg in 2010, 47% of adults were sufficiently active and adults ate only 2.8 serves of vegetables per day compared with the recommended 5 serves per day.
  • Government and the wider society need to act to make it easier for people to eat well and be active.

What is the aim of the strategy?

  • To increase the proportion of South Australians who eat a healthy diet, undertake regular physical activity and maintain a healthy weight.

What does the strategy set out to achieve?

  • Mobilise the community to take action to promote healthy eating and physical activity, and publicly recognise achievements.
  • Ensure the places where we live, learn, work, eat, play and shop make it easy for children and adults to be active and eat a healthy diet, including breastfeeding.
  • Implement policies to improve the built, social and natural environments that support South Australians to eat well and be active.
  • Provide information, programs and services to assist people throughout life to be more active, eat a healthy diet and maintain a healthy weight, with particular attention to those most in need.
  • Ensure that we have in place supports such as strong partnerships, leadership, good communication and workforce planning as well as evaluation and good governance.

Who supports the strategy?

  • Our vision is that state and local government, non-government organisations, peak bodies, academics, business and the community will all work together to promote healthy eating and physical activity.
  • Already, a number of state government departments have made commitments to action (see Section 7).