Medicines, poisons and pest control licences

Under the Controlled Substances Act (1984), the Controlled Substances Licensing Section of the Department for Health and Ageing administers the parts of the Act and regulations relating to the licensing of pest control companies, pest management technicians and aerial spray contractors, and regulates the sale, supply, possession and use of scheduled poisons/drugs. 

As the ‘licensing authority’, Controlled Substances Licensing (CSL) issues drugs and poisons licenses in South Australia. Links to information sheets, application forms and online fee payment are shown below and grouped into:

Guidelines and Codes of Practice

Controlled Substances Licencing of First Aid Service Providers - Framework for assessing drug licence applications from first aid services providers (PDF 335KB)

A Code of Practice for Pest Management in the Food Industry in Australia and New Zealand (PDF 1.58MB)

EPA Guidelines for Responsible Pesticide Use

Guidelines for the safe use of pesticides in non-agricultural workplaces

SA Health Termiticide (safe use) Code of Practice (PDF 289KB)

SA Health Code of Practice for filling tanks containing pesticides from a main water supply (PDF 708KB)

National guideline for retail storage of Schedule 6 and Schedule 7 poisons

Fee payment

Pay online using BPOINT –

Licences and permits issued under the Controlled Substances legislation


Controlled Substances Licensing
Telephone: (08) 8226 7100
Fax: (08) 8226 6681

Information sheets and application forms