Smoke-free public transport waiting areas

Smoking is banned under all covered public transport waiting areas, including bus, tram, train and taxi shelters and other areas used to board or alight from public transport that are covered by a roof.

Most other states and territories in Australia have introduced or announced their intentions to introduce similar bans.

Why covered public transport waiting areas?

Banning smoking at covered public transport waiting areas protects people in confined outdoor public places. These areas have been identified as having a higher risk of being exposed to tobacco smoke than in areas that are not covered.

Is smoking permitted next to a covered transport stop?

Yes, as long as the person smoking is not standing within the covered area.

What about when it's raining?

Smoking is prohibited under all covered public transport stops, regardless of the weather conditions.

Does the covered area of a bus stop just mean the roof attached to the bus stop?

No, the roof of a covered area is not required to be part of the bus stop. Any covered space of a public transport waiting area is included. For example, a bus stop covered by a roof from an adjacent building will be smoke-free.

Who will enforce the law?

Authorised officers under the Tobacco Products Regulation Act 1997 will be responsible for enforcing this law.

What is the fine?

An expiation notice of $75 can be issued. The maximum fine is $200.

Further information

For further information on smoke-free areas, contact SA Health's Health Protection Operations on (08) 8226 7100.


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