Food safety inspections

All food business must comply with requirements of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards (the Code). Surveillance of these requirements will be performed by conducting regular food premises inspections or regulatory audits (where required).

To assure the SA Public that food they sell is safe and suitable, all food businesses are expected to comply with the requirements of the:

Assessing compliance

Food premises inspections are mainly conducted by local government. For specific information relating to food premises inspection, contact the council in which their business is located.

Inspections typically assess compliance with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code particularly the Food Safety Requirements (Chapter 3). Inspection frequency is established using compliance history and the SA Health priority classification system. These include:

  • maintaining safe food handling and preparation procedures
  • maintaining hygiene
  • temperature control
  • structural requirements
  • adequate facilities.

Inspections are undertaken as part of a regular inspection program, or sometimes:

  • during investigations of complaints
  • due to food safety incidents
  • response to surveys.

Surveillance of the Food Act 2001 helps achieve the effective management of food safety risks and the prevention of misleading conduct in connection with the sale of food.

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