Protect your baby or toddler from mosquito bites

  • Dress them in long, light coloured, loose fitting clothing that covers their arms and legs.
  • Use mosquito-proof mesh on doors and windows so mosquitoes can’t come inside.
  • When outdoors use mosquito-proof netting over prams and strollers.

Mosquito repellents

  • Under 2 months of age - repellents are not recommended.
  • From 2 months of age onwards - repellents containing 10% DEET can be used.
  • From 12 months of age - repellents containing picaradin can be used.
  • From 3 years of age - repellents containing PMD (p-Menthane-3, 8-diol, the active ingredient in oil of lemon eucalyptus) can be used.


  • Do not allow children to apply repellents.
  • Avoid applying repellents to hands or near their eyes or mouth.
  • If repellent is applied, wash the child’s skin and clothes when you go back inside.
  • Always read and follow the instructions on the label, especially for babies and pregnant or breastfeeding women.


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