Healthy Weight During Pregnancy

Weight gain is a normal part of pregnancy. The amount of weight you put on partly depends on your weight before pregnancy.

If you are underweight at the beginning of pregnancy or having twins, you may need to gain a little more weight. If you are very overweight, you should gain a little less.

Gaining Weight During Pregnancy

Most women can expect to gain between 11 kg and 16 kg. A typical pattern of weight gain is 1 to 1½ kg in the first 3 months, and 1½ to 2 kg per month for the rest of the pregnancy. 

Weight gain is made up of 

  • extra body tissue
  • placenta
  • fluid and blood
  • the developing baby.

If weight gain is in the healthy range you can expect to return to your pre-pregnancy weight after your baby is born, which can be helped by breastfeeding on top of a healthy diet.

Managing weight gain during pregnancy can be a challenge but the free Get Healthy in Pregnancy service is here to help you.

Your personal coach will focus on lifestyle factors such as healthy eating and maintaining an active lifestyle which is safe for you and your baby. You will get expert advice to help you set goals to maintain healthy weight gain in pregnancy and beyond.