Eat A Rainbow Resources


Eat a Rainbow poster (PDF 2747KB)

Let's Eat posters (PDF 5050KB)

Teachers’ Guides

Links to the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia Eat a Rainbow of fruits and vegetables (PDF 1388KB)

Eat a Rainbow is recommended as a focus activity in the ‘Crunch time! Fruit and vegetables’ topic of the Healthy Choices section of the health curriculum for South Australian primary schools.It is recommended for both years reception to 2 and years 3 to 5, although the Eat a Rainbow resources can also be used successfully for years 6 and 7. For further information, see Healthy Eating Curriculum Kit-Second Edition

Program Toolkit

The rainbow health benefits (PDF 104KB) explains what health benefits are gained by eating different colours of fruit and vegetables

Eat a Rainbow certificate (PDF 355KB) to present to children to congratulate them on taste-testing fruit and vegetable samples.

A list of books (PDF 182KB) support the Eat a Rainbow message. They have been reviewed for suitability for different age groups.

Tasting summary sheets (DOCX 1512KB) that are suitable for primary school students to record the results of their Eat a Rainbow tasting sessions. Teachers can modify and adapt them as required.

Family pamphlet (PDF 345KB) that explains the Eat a Rainbow concept and lists fruits and vegetables of each colour that families can try at home.

Learning to like new flavours and foods (PDF 277KB) ideas to encourage children to try a greater range of foods.

The star chart (PDF 196KB) can be used by families to encourage children to try different colours of fruit and vegetables at home. Children can record on it what colours they have eaten each day of the week.

An ambassador mascot, such as Larry the Rainbow Lorikeet, can go home with children for a short visit, to help share the Eat a Rainbow message with families. Larry has a simple key message - he loves to eat a rainbow of fruit and vegetables, and wants to see what fruits and vegetables the child eats at home.The experience can be recorded in Larry's Eat a Rainbow sharing book (DOC 4349KB).


Flash cards are a classroom resource that can be used to extend children’s awareness of a wide range of fruit and vegetables.


It’s easy to make these simple Eat a Rainbow card games, which are fun for children to play. They encourage greater familiarity with a range of fruits and vegetables.

Bingo game (PDF 1048KB)

Memory game (PDF 560KB)


Rainbow fruit and vegetable recipes (PDF 357KB)

Brown and white fruit and vegetable recipes (PDF 118KB)

Green fruit and vegetable recipes (PDF 216KB)

Orange fruit and vegetable recipes (PDF 180KB)

Purple fruit and vegetable recipes (PDF 95KB)

Red fruit and vegetable recipes (PDF 102KB)

Yellow fruit and vegetable recipes (PDF 83KB)