Healthy Eating And Young People

Adolescence is a time of developing independence and learning to make healthy food choices that you will take with you into adulthood. By eating well, young people will have the energy and nutrients to concentrate and learn well at school, and enjoy sports and physical activity, while at the same time ensuring their body will grow and stay healthy as they reach their full physical potential.

Eating Out and Takeaway Foods

When eating out, it’s important to avoid sugary drinks like soft drinks as well as takeaway foods and snack foods high in fat, salt, and sugar like pies, hot chips, potato crisps, deep fried and pastry-based foods, chocolates and snack bars. Eating too much of these foods means missing out on essential healthy foods and also puts you at risk of gaining too much weight. ‘Junk foods’ should only be eaten occasionally and in small amounts, not every day and in large quantities.

Drinking Alcohol

Excessive alcohol intake should also be avoided because as well as the potential harm from too much alcohol, alcoholic drinks are full of kilojoules and can be sugary, which contributes to overweight and dental decay.