Maintain A Healthy Weight

How can we Help Employees to Maintain a Healthy Weight?

Workplace health and wellbeing programs are effective at reducing body weight when they increase physical activity and improve foods available in and around the workplace.1 This is important as recent statistics indicate that more than 65% of South Australians are overweight or obese.2

There are options to promote healthy weight and its relationship to general health, through education, promotion and creation of a supportive environment.

Ideas to get You Started

Healthy places

  • Promote annual healthy weight week with promotions and materials.
  • Encourage recognition of healthy food, activity and healthy living with posters and promotion materials.

Healthy people

  • Host a general wellness challenge over several weeks with a healthy eating and activity focus e.g. increase fruit and veg intake, new activity or trying new foods or cooking new recipes.
  • Encourage employees to seek the assistance of accredited and trained health professionals for specific dietary advice, including under and overweight concerns.
  • Promote Workplace Employee Assistance Programs which often offer services around behaviour change and goal setting.
  • Promote visiting local General Practitioner’s. There are several referral options to health professionals and a GP can conduct overall health risk assessments.
  • Organise a question and answer nutrition session or drop in day with a Dietitian/Nutritionist.
  • Organise an on-site question and answer session or drop in day with an exercise physiologist/ qualified personal trainer.
  • Allow for access to support-coaching telephone services during work hours.
    Offer confidential Body Mass Index checks with your organisation’s nurse or local medical clinic.

  1. Hector, D, King L, Hardy L St George A, Hebden L, Espinel P, Rissel C (2012) Evidence update on obesity prevention across the lifecourse. NSW Ministry for Health. Sydney: PANORG
  2. Australian Bureau of Statistics. Australian Health Survey 2011/12 (4364.0)

Support and Resources

There are a number of places you can go for more information and support on this topic, as well as ways to help employees achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Download Strategies to promote healthy weight Workplace Guide: what to do and where to find support (PDF 261KB).