Step 4: Monitor And Review

Monitor and Review

Once you’ve got a workplace health and wellbeing program up and running, it’s important to find out if it’s running well.

The size and complexity of your program and organisational requirements will likely dictate the level of monitoring and review required. 

Monitoring and review is the process of determining if your program:

  • captured the needs of your staff
  • achieved it’s purpose and
  • did so in an efficient and effective way.

Using evaluation and monitoring as tools for ongoing planning and projections, can inform the wider stakeholder group, and satisfy management requirements. Review and reflection can also inform you of the changing needs of participants and barriers to participation, allowing for program goals to shift with the interest and energy of staff.

You may wish to review:

  • Budget, timeframes and program implemented as planned.
  • Engagement and maintained interest of a wide variety of workers.
  • Related health outcomes.
  • The impact on the workplace: environment, day to day practices, productivity or absenteeism, culture.
  • Overall satisfaction levels, challenges and successes.
  • (a running record of) ideas and improvements.

Consider maintaining a running record of each event and activity in an Activity and Event Log (DOC 119KB) to capture attendance, facilitator details and general outcomes. 

Use the Evaluation and Monitoring Quick Guide to help inform how you are going to measure against your workplace health and wellbeing program goal (measurement indicators) and what potential data sources you may require.

Celebrate Achievements

Demonstrate you value the efforts of participants, coordinators and champions by celebrating and promoting achievements.

Through formal or casual events; prizes, certificates; or by highlighting achievements at meetings or social functions; be innovative in rewarding efforts.