Step 3: Action Plan

Planning for Action

There are many ways that a workplace can approach going smoke free, encourage healthy eating, being active, promote responsible drinking and wellbeing.

Each workplace has its own priorities and resources so we have provided a range of ideas that might get a workplace started, as well as build on existing efforts. The strongest wellbeing programs incorporate a combination of strategies focusing on the working environment, leadership support and activities chosen by staff.

Share the planning amongst a broad range of staff, managers and committee representatives to raise interest, create innovation and share the decision making process.

To create a high-quality, relevant and coordinated program, its useful to have considered Step One: Getting Started and Step 2: Needs Assessment prior to devising your action plan. It is almost important to set indicators for success and set yourself up to capture the right data and interpret results against program intentions. The below tools and templates will help you with this process.

Take Action

Follow the links to the following strategies: