Step 2: Needs Assessment

For health and wellbeing activities to be successful, it’s essential that you know what is needed and wanted by employees in the workplace who want to make healthy choices and have an understanding of the processes and infrastructure that might be holding people back. Taking the time to collect information will give your health and wellbeing program its direction, scope and priorities. It will also ensure that steps taken to address health and wellbeing in your workplace are hitting their mark.

Vision, People, Places

There are three key areas on which to focus your assessment.

Vision: A healthy workplace culture

  • What practices and procedures are already in place to support staff and their health and wellbeing, and what is lacking?
  • What is the size and scope of management commitment?

People: Assessing the needs of your biggest assets - your people

  • What are the health and wellbeing priorities within our workforce?
  • What interests and motivates employees?
  • What current social practices promote or prevent healthy behaviour?

Assess the needs and priorities of staff through surveys, suggestion boxes, raising questions at staff meetings, and talking to key staff members.

You can also encourage your staff to complete the SA Health Brief Health Check. It is free, confidential, and provides personalised advice and referrals to appropriate support services.

Places: Assess the workplace environment

When planning your health and wellbeing programs, it’s a good idea to first work out what is already available in your workplace to help your activities. Assess your workplace environment and ask:

  • How can our workplace environment support health and wellbeing?
  • Can currently available equipment or infrastructure be used for events or activities?

Tools and Templates

Use the following Healthy Workers - Healthy Futures templates to assist you: