Step 1: Getting Started

Good planning and preparation create the foundation of an effective and successful health and wellbeing program.

Management Commitment

It shouldn’t come as a surprise when evidence suggests that the most successful workplace health and wellbeing programs are those which have the support of managers or business owners.

Access the following resources to support your efforts:

Engaging Employees

A workplace health and wellbeing program isn’t going to work if it’s not centred around its employees.

Employee involvement can take many forms. Some people might want to take part in activities and events, while others would prefer organising, coordinating, marketing, or running parts of the program. Most importantly, the program must be developed based on the wants and wishes of employees.  This is called ‘Needs Assessment’.


One way that employees can be involved is to champion your cause.

Forming a health and wellbeing committee

Not all workplaces need to form a new committee, as they might already have structures in place. For other organisations however, a committee is a good way to introduce ideas and activities.