Healthy Eating Guidelines For Schools

Good Health Means Better Learning

Did you know that students who eat well and are physically active, almost always learn better?

Together with parents, all South Australian schools and preschools have an important role to play in helping children and teenagers fulfil their healthy growth and development potential by promoting healthy eating.

Healthy Eating Guidelines - a Whole School Approach

The Eat Well SA Healthy Eating Guidelines for SA School and Preschools were developed to provide a springboard for promoting an integrated approach to learning, health and wellbeing through food and nutrition. The guidelines can be applied in six areas:

  1. curriculum
  2. the learning environment
  3. food supply (this includes canteens and food services)
  4. food safety
  5. food related health support planning
  6. working with families, health services and industry.

Schools and Eating Habits - Getting Them off to a Great Start

Supported by government recommendations on healthy eating, the guidelines recognise that good nutritional habits established during a child’s early and teenage years can improve attention span, work capacity and classroom behaviour. Schools provide a great opportunity to role model and encourage healthy eating to our children, teenagers and their families.

Healthy Eating Messages

There are four key healthy eating messages that schools can support and promote including:

  • eating more fruit and vegetables
  • promoting a healthy weight
  • drinking fresh clean tap water
  • sticking to regular eating times.

Let’s Activate the Guidelines – Resources to Assist Schools

Below are some examples of current programs, initiatives or resources that can help schools to implement the healthy eating guidelines:

Primary schools

  • Right Bite: providing healthy food in canteens and vending machines
  • Eat Well Be Active Primary School: aims to help schools provide supportive environments for healthy eating and physical activity
  • Crunch & Sip: a formal break to eat fruit and vegetables and drink water in the classroom
  • Healthy Eating Curriculum Kit for SA Primary schools
  • Eat Well Be Active community program resources
  • Botanic Gardens School Kitchen Gardens project
  • Eat a Rainbow: a fun way to encourage young children to learn about and taste colourful fruit and vegetables.

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Secondary schools

  • Right Bite: providing healthy food in canteens and vending machines
  • Eat Well Be Active Community program resources.

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