Aboriginal-led Bush Foods Garden

Applying organisation:

Gabmididi Manoo Children and Family Centre

Towns/communities where project is situated:


Grant purposes:

To support intergenerational knowledge transfer, increase knowledge in nutrition and build gardening and cooking skills that support healthy eating to contribute to improved physical, mental, social and cultural wellbeing of Aboriginal young people and families in Whyalla.

Target population:

Aboriginal community members in Whyalla with a particular focus on: Aboriginal children and families associated with Gabmididi Manoo Pre-School and Hincks Avenue Primary School, as well as the Aboriginal Women’s Yarning group.

External partner and their role:

University of South Australia, Department of Rural Health: to provide project and research support, as well as supporting the formal evaluation of the community garden and associated activities.

Project overview:

Develop an Aboriginal community-led bush foods garden to facilitate cultural activities, health and wellbeing. The garden will act as a hub for cultural activities and initiatives such as developing nutrition knowledge, knowledge of and connection to Country, general gardening and cooking skills, empowering the community to make healthy lifestyle choices through connection to culture and cultural practices. It will establish a strengths-based approach and novel evaluation to determine success factors, learning opportunities and health and wellbeing benefits for Aboriginal students and community members who engage with bush foods gardens.