FoodHub Health and Wellbeing Program

SA Healthy Towns 2018-19 - FoodHub Health and Wellbeing Project
Photo courtesy of Uniting Country SA

Applying organisation:

Uniting Country SA

Towns/communities where project is situated:

Port Pirie and surrounding areas

Grant purpose:

To increase the community’s awareness, knowledge and skills in healthy eating and increase awareness of and access to healthy low cost food options, the FoodHub and other community health services.

Target population:

The community of Port Pirie and surrounding areas, with a focus on children, families and people on low incomes.

External partner and their role:

Port Pirie Community Inc.: Port Pirie Community Inc. will use its networks and resources to promote the project within the community, assist with the production of resources and the delivery of project activities. 

Project overview:

The Port Pirie Community FoodHub was established to provide members of the local community with greater food security. The FoodHub is an alternative location for grocery shopping where items are sold at a lower cost than the mainstream supermarkets.

FoodHub volunteers will be trained in basic healthy eating, food hygiene, cooking and relevant points of referral for community services and further information, to enable them to better support FoodHub customers. Cooking class participants will receive kitchen equipment packs to support home cooking. The Uniting Country SA’s meal packs will be expanded to contain recipe cards for healthy low-cost meals, including specific packs for diabetics, young families, single and homeless people.

In addition, awareness of and access to the FoodHub will be strengthened through promotion to the general public with a focus on vulnerable community members, potential referring organisations, and businesses to increase donations of groceries.

A long-term aim of the project is to contribute to chronic disease prevention and minimise lead absorption through improved nutrition and food safety.

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