Local Government - Community Health and Wellbeing Toolkit

Designed to support the Regional Public Health Planning Process, the Local Government Community Health & Wellbeing Toolkit (4MB) is a practical tool to help promote health and wellbeing by building environments that support the following by supporting mental wellbeing (the SNAPS factors).

  • smoking cessation
  • good nutrition
  • reduce harmful alcohol use
  • physical activity
  • stress reduction.

These five factors contribute to nearly a third of Australia’s preventable disease and ill-health. All levels of Government can help to support health-promoting environments to give South Australians more equal opportunity to enjoy positive health and wellbeing.


The Local Government Community Health & Wellbeing Toolkit (4MB) is designed as a resource guide to provide Councils with a way to assess where current action is focussed, and provide a range of evidence-based ideas that could build on their existing work. The toolkit is supported by an introduction to systems thinking, an action planning and simple evaluation guide, and tips to improve sustainability of your actions.


The Local Government Community Health & Wellbeing Toolkit (4MB) was designed to build on and expands the support for Local Government actions from the Creating Healthier Food Environments: A Guide For Local Government Tool (PDF 535KB), released in 2017. The Healthier Food Environments tool was used by a number of Councils to audit and progress their work in food security and nutrition.