'Life Looks Brighter Outside' stakeholder launch with Richard Louv

The Life Looks Brighter Outside theme was launched on 26 February 2014 at Next Generation, with international guest speaker Richard Louv. Richard is an American journalist and author, who writes about the connections between family, nature and community.The timing for his visit to Adelaide couldn’t have been better, as it allowed him to be involved in launching OPAL’s new theme which is all about supporting families to enjoy time together exploring local parks and playgrounds. It was great to hear Richard speak so passionately about the benefits of getting children connecting with nature and being outdoors. Richard is also the founding chairman of the Children & Nature Network, an organisation helping build the movement to connect today's children and future generations to the natural world.

If children don’t fall off logs, trip over branches, fall off their bikes and scratch themselves with sticks, they won’t learn, experience and grow from the experience” – Richard Louv

At the launch, OPAL’s stakeholders also heard four Local Council teams present case studies about initiatives they have used to activate the Life Looks Brighter Outside theme.The topics covered Geocaching, Nature Playgroups, Nature Play in Local Parks or Playgrounds and an Amazing Race competition to encourage families to explore a range of parks and playgrounds in their local areas.


Below are some photos from the launch:

Male one speaking to audience  Male two speaking from podium

Male two speaking in front of banner  Two people giving a presentation

Female giving a presentation  Female two giving a presentation

Male one and two posing in front of banner   Stakeholders speaking to audience   Female three speaking in front of OPAL banner