Community kitchen gardens project

Supporting community gardens to flourish across South Australia.

What is a community kitchen garden?

A community kitchen garden is one that grows mainly edible plants, such as vegetables, fruit, herbs etc.

There is a wide variety of gardens and they can include:

  • individual and communal plots
  • in-ground and raised garden beds
  • an orchard
  • flowers and native plants.

Gardens can also provide a hub for other activities, such as:

  • group working bees
  • workshops to learn about gardening and cooking
  • open days for visitors.

Here’s a couple of examples to whet your appetite

  • Walyo Yerta Community Garden Gathering
  • Fern Avenue Community Garden.

What is the community kitchen gardens project about?

Through involving people in community gardens, the project is all about encouraging and supporting community members to grow, gather and share food together.

It’s also about inspiring people to eat healthily, especially by eating more fruit and vegetables as they grow their own food.

The program is also closely linked with efforts to support gardens in schools and early-years places like childcare centres and preschools. And, there’s even a longer-term plan to build a brand new kitchen garden in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens itself.

Ultimately, the program seeks to further increase the number of productive and viable community gardens across the state.

What support is there for community gardens through the project?

Firstly, there’s a project officer based at the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide who works closely with local councils, the Natural Resources Management Board and others.

As well as the project officer, regional community gardening networks and hubs are being established throughout the state, with the first four being set up in metropolitan Adelaide – North, Central, South and Hills.

Network meetings are attended by local councils, gardeners, staff from health and community organisations and others involved in community gardens. They’re a great way of sharing success, local planning and problem solving.

Where can I find a community garden?

There are more than 50 community gardens across the state. Check the South Australian Community Gardening Directory or contact your local council to find out if there is one near you.

Further information

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