Healthy learning, what can I do as an early childcare educator?

There are many innovative ways to help promote the health of children under five in your care:

Develop a nutrition policy

Develop a nutrition policy for your centre that supports the provision of healthy and safe food for children, staff, special events, fundraising and a positive mealtime environment. There are a number of resources to help you develop a good nutrition policy. Nutrition policy resources include:

Create a positive mealtime environment

  • Watch the Munch, Play and Learn video as a staff development activity for practical tips and ideas within the centre and encouraging ideas to share with parents.
  • Promote healthy eating and being active to children and their families.
  • Support staff to become role models for healthy and positive lifestyles. Try the Healthy Workers – Healthy Futures toolkit - a step by step guide to help plan and implement workplace health and wellbeing programs (or strengthen existing ones).
  • Provide healthy catering options at functions, meetings and events. This can start with the simple and popular step of offering fruit and/or vegetables and cool tap water.
  • Try these healthier fundraising ideas for your playgroup, child care centre or preschool – they can be easy, fun and just as profitable.

Provide opportunities for physical activity and development of fundamental movement skills

See our Healthy eating resources for early childhood educators section for useful resources relevant to:

  • early childhood educators
  • childcare directors, educators and cooks
  • preschools and integrated centres
  • family day care staff
  • children with special dietary needs – medical and cultural
  • healthy eating for babies and young children - general information for parents.